I.    Administrative guideline when applying for Taheri Academy Erfan-e-Halgheh Comprehensive Training Course


1.     Since all the communication and providing the documents to the applicants/students are done via email, therefore, having a valid and active email address is mandatory.

2.    Only the applicant who has completed the online registration form, and whose student barcode identification number is activated, is entitled as the academy student.

3.    Each student is allowed to use his/her Barcode or Student ID No. to participate in online, offline, or both courses for three times only.

4.    The registered students are highly advised NOT TO make their Barcode ID No. available to other applicants, in which case, the barcode holder is running out of his/her own limited chances (3 times only) to take the class.

5.    Students are not permitted to download the course/class videos at all and it will be considered as a “copy rights violation”.

6.  The tuition fee is non-refundable. In case of student withdrawal from the course and cancelation of the subscription plan, before/during/after the course, Academy cannot provide refund.


    II.    Commitment Letter

A.    General Commitments (of Trainees)


1.   Obligation in writing and signing the Letter of Consent, the Letter of Oath, the Letter of Commitment, the disciplinary regulations form as well as the loyalty letter admitting to the principles of Erfan-e-Halgheh.

Erfan-e-Halgheh is humankind-inclusive, thus whoever agrees and complies with the general terms and conditions upon registration for training would eligible to benefit from its advantages. Otherwise, for theosophy and wisdom-seeking, there are as many paths as the number of people out there –which could be chosen from and used, instead. However, in case someone is determined to use the approach of Erfan-e-Halgheh to practice his/her “Collective Spiritual Journey,” it is absolutely obligatory to conform to these terms and conditions.


2.  Disclaimer on taking the training courses or any other subject matter concerning Erfan-e-Halgheh.

Applicants are supposed to complete/confirm the registration process only after doing some extensive research and learning about the conditions and circumstances of Erfan-e-Halgheh Comprehensive Training Course. Hereby, the applicant (or hereafter the trainee) is annulled and disqualified from raising any sort of complaint, filing any case, or making any false statement against the Erfan-e-Halgheh Comprehensive Course registration, participation, the out-pouring processes and conditions. In other words, the participant/trainee, upon registration, approves that he/she is fully aware of every general and specific detail regarding the Erfan-e-Halgheh Comprehensive Course, hence, prohibits and excludes himself/herself from making any complaints, or objecting statements, whatsoever.


NB: In case of having a conflict, issue, or troubling questions or statements, etc., if still and in time, the applicant/trainee does not get convinced or satisfied during the training process, s/he can simply discontinue the continuation of this wisdom-seeking approach and is advised to give it up totally. Otherwise, and in case of showing biased insistence, causing conflict and tension, creating a negative atmosphere, and such, the person would then be considered a dogmatic individual and therefore dismissed consequently.


3.    Obligation to make tuition payment for legible participants in Erfan-e-Halgheh Comprehensive Training Course

The tuition payment is made to: a. qualify for participation in the Comprehensive Training Course; b. avoid and deny being subject to any false accusations or unfairly labeled with sectarian stigma or cultism; c. compensate for the ongoing costs and training expenditures – NOT for selling “spirituality or wisdom” as already projected by some dogmatic individuals, nor for marketing the divine connection “Halgheh,” as suggested by other ill-minded spectators.


4.    Obligation to comply and follow the divine “insight” pattern as perceived

The “insight” or divine wisdom perceived by individuals takes shape only within the framework of the specific connections –Halgheh– granted during the training courses of Erfan-e-Halgheh, (and not without/outside it). This experience is solely to confirm and approve the functionality of the granted links in those courses. In fact, through experiencing personal wisdom, individuals would get able to perceive and appreciate the purpose of the links or Halgheh. By no means this understanding could justify attaining a new link or Halgheh from another mystic branch or approach, and therefore could/can/will never be a subject perceived without and outside of Erfan-e-Halgheh. As a result, any claim, in this case, is considered invalid, a misuse and a cause of deviation. Since, regardless of the fact that such claims are mere lies, they also give way to multiplicity, diversity and fragmentation which spoil the face of Erfan-e-Halgheh as an integrated approach (based on the existing experience), let alone opening the way for other opportunists with various intentions. Therefore, according to this letter of commitment, no one should ever include or exclude anything (more or less) to Erfan-e-Halgheh, with reference to the pretext of having personal perceptions. This is considered as a violation of trust or act of infidelity –also by marketing or acting boastfully, arrogantly, inconsiderately, showing off and such.


5.     Obligation to provide unpaid healing services in Erfan-e-Halgheh

The act of receiving funds or cash in return for providing complementary medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology is strictly prohibited (except for medical personnel and those both legally and medically authorized to practice the above complementary medicines at workplace).


6.    Obligation to the code of ethics and content

To committedly prevent the misuse of Erfan-e-Halgheh as an exclusive approach, avoid riding on its wave, or confiscating its concept/content/context, by respecting copyright, patent rights, etc.


7.    Obligation not to merge Erfan-e-Halgheh with or parallel to any other approach, school or field of activity

The riding on the wave of Erfan-e-Halgheh for any purpose and by any means to establish or promote other doctrines, or through merging it with other disciplines for any intention is strictly and generally forbidden, thus considered a fraudulent act and betrayal of trust. Also, using it in any case without mentioning its source is a breach of fidelity (copyright infringement).


B.    Particular Commitments (of Trainers)


1.     Obligation to practice teaching only through using the approved textbooks, the lesson plans, and not to change the names/topics of the training courses and titles of the links (Halgheh), to observe the regulations & procedures

Regarding the application of the teachings of Erfan Halgheh, whether for the purpose of personal spiritual development, or for educating others, one should practice exactly in accordance with the approved curriculum, and refrain from inserting personal tendencies in these training courses. Moreover, stop and avoid presenting any subject matter outside the content of textbooks, especially refusing to publicize any material under the title of complementary courses, perceived wisdom and such.


2.    Obligation to provide answers based on Erfan-e-Halgheh documentation 

Any attempts to provide answers, comments or feedback should be made with respect to the approved textbooks, books, magazines, articles, video/audio of lessons and courses.


3.    Obligation to obtain letter of oath, letter of consent, letter of commitment from the trainees and obeying the disciplinary regulations & procedures

The trainer is obliged to fully obtain from his/her trainee the due acknowledgment documentation letters including the letter of oath, the letter of consent, and the letter of commitment, for not abusing the system of Erfan Halgheh, in line with the humanity wellbeing and serving mankind. The trainer is held accountable and responsible for any negligence in this regard.


4.    Obligation not to view Erfan Halgheh as a mere source of income, or treat it as a marketing product, and not to launch any financial activity underlying Erfan Halgheh training courses such as: e-commerce, charity fund and etc.


5.    Obligation to the principle of Unity of the Path

The trainer is committed to introduce, promote or teach Erfan-e-Halgheh as an independent and exclusive approach, while refraining from mingling it with other topics and methods, or by placing any other discipline or different procedure along with it under any title or cover (so that it is raising the ambiguity that Erfan-e-Halgheh is in need of that added component); nor to apply the divine connections of Erfan-e-Halgheh or its topics to serve other methodologies and approaches.


NB: According to Erfan-e-Halgheh, a trainer is someone who introduces/teaches Erfan-e-Halgheh training topics, and never runs/practices another class or different course in parallel (lest it be understood or implied so that the trainer intends to do business and make (side) money through misusing the position s/he is entitled to by Erfan-e-Halgheh, thus damage the dignity of other solemn trainers).  In other words, the trainer is required to stay fully obliged to perform teaching activities limited within the field of Erfan-e-Halgheh and its sub-category topics, and strongly avoid co-organizing and coinciding any other occupation or instruction activity with that of Erfan-e-Halgheh’s under any title, subject or cover, more especially with the intention of financial benefits, earning money, enrolment process and such.



6.    Obligation to confirm tuition payments to avoid accusations or association with sectarian stigma or cultism

Erfan-e-Halgheh activities are all educational by nature, for the offering of which a fair amount of tuition is received (paid). It is mandatory that trainers receive tuition fee (even a petty amount) so that the whole system stays immune from being associated with cultism or accused of sectarian stigma (see the reasons for receiving tuition fee section).


I, hereby, commit myself to thoroughly observe and comply with the above-mentioned regulations and procedures, and remain loyal to it, no matter what. In case of breaching this framework principle and instance of non-compliance with its standard procedures, I also authorize the head management of Erfan-e-Halgheh system who has all the rights to deprive and dismiss me from accompanying the system with no waiver, and thereafter have no objections in this regard.



   III.    Essential Principles of Faradarmani


1.     Main Definitions


Faradarmani: The Software Complementary Medicine (without the need for any hardware intervention).


Note 1: Hardware intervention includes: examining the patient, prescribing medication, patient’s history taking and medical biography, touching the patient and etc.


Faradarmangar (Fara-therapist): The person who practices the subject of Faradarmani Complementary Medicine on his/her patients in accordance with the conditions, regulations and procedures asserted in this guideline.

Faradarmangir: The patient who has not reached the desired results through the usual ways and normal methods of treatment (it is required to clarify this case for the patient by Fara-therapist). 

Note 2: Because Faradarmangir –the patient– is a person who, despite going through all the common medical methods and possible procedures for the desired treatment, has not yet achieved any results, this fact has led the patient to seek Faradarmani therapy experience for his/her treatment. Therefore, interventional therapy is not common in medicine. Therefore, Faradarmani cannot be regarded as an intervention or meddling with conventional medicine at all. Hence, bearing in mind the complete knowledge of this fact, the patient tries to experience Faradarmani implying that conventional medicine has failed him/her. Consequently and accordingly, s/he deprives himself/herself of the right to raise any complaint in this regard.

2.    Normally, the priority for treatment goes to conventional medicine. In case the current conventional medicine is not effective in treating the patient, then Faradarmangir could contact Fara-therapist/s to seek help, experience and test Faradarmani, and improve his/her overall condition.


3.    Patients under medication, and those who are not able to drop their medication all of a sudden, and have not yet achieved any improvement via the usual treatment, can apply Faradarmani and follow up on the progress of treatment under the supervision of their physician or therapist.  Only under the supervision of his/her medical practitioner, they are advised to take action to gradually reduce the medication after the positive effects of the new approach appear. For that reason, it is obvious that all the responsibility for taking or not taking the medication lies with the patient and his/her physician only, and not Fara-therapist.


4.    Knowing the type of illness or the medical implication has no effect in Faradarmani process. The disease type or category is regarded confidential and Fara-therapist has no right to ask questions from the patient for that matter –Unless the patient himself/herself is willing to elaborate on that. In which case, this does not aide Fara-therapist in any way and can only be used to follow the effectiveness of Faradarmani practice on the patient, not the treatment itself. Because Faradarmani is not based on Fara-therapist’s diagnosis of the disease or illness.


5.    Once Fara-therapist provides the person/patient with the divine link (Cosmic Consciousness), Fara-therapist himself/herself is exposed to connection and scanned by Cosmic Consciousness.


6.    Stages involved in Faradarmani in brief:

Faradarmani ” Scanning by Cosmic Consciousness ” Externalization ” Treatment

7.    Not sensing or recognizing the scanning process or connection to Cosmic Consciousness while practicing Faradarmani, either by Faradarmangir or Fara-therapist, has no effect or impact on the resulting treatment. However, this may be due to the following reasons:


A.     Mental commotion (sever psychic confusion)

B.     Depression

C.     Mental lock


Note 3: Mental lock is the practical result of subconscious mind planning so that in most people and since babyhood is programed based on ration, science, knowledge and logic. In this case, this program prevents the entry and filters the sensation of any irrational issue outside the framework of logic, thus censors such information. As a result, the person is deprived of accepting and experiencing the metaphysical phenomena and the feelings related to it. He will be censored. In practice, this software program is programmed in a way that nothing outside the domain of ration, science and reality can possibly exist or be; and because Faradarmani apparently holds no scientific or rational justification for the patient, the unconscious software program does not allow the entry of information about it, and in response forms a mental lock. It may take some time to break this lock.


D.    Absence from Faradarmani (Cosmic Consciousness) link, not being mentally impartial or neutral, holding a negative attitude towards it, viewing it with a sense of ridicule or sarcasm, and such.


Note 4: Faradarmani is not the same as energy healing (energy therapy); because energy therapy relies on the polarity fields of the therapist body, but Faradarmani is performed by “Cosmic Consciousness Network”.


Note 5: The polarity field exists in all human beings but in some people, this field is stronger. “Energy therapy” is a very small component in Faradarmani approach. If the patient needs such a correction, according to the published definitions, it will be taken care of automatically during Faradarmani without the need for any action from the side of Faradarmangir or Fara-therapist. To best present Cosmic Consciousness Network by Fara-therapist s/he should pay enough attention to this point in defining Faradarmani.


8.    Any number of given Fara-therapist /s can perform Faradarmani on one Faradarmangir all at the same time; likewise, multiple Faradarmangir/s can undergo Faradarmani all at the same time by one Faradarmangar. The results will be similar.


9.   Because the treatment is ultimately performed by the “Cosmic Consciousness Network”, there is no difference among Fara-therapist/s.


10.  Holding a belief, having faith in this type of treatment, and generally believing in “Cosmic Consciousness Network”, is not necessary in establishing the divine connection and proving it. The only condition is to remain a witness, neutral and observant.


Note: The state of being a witness, neutral and observant all in all constitute the introductory stage to experience “surrender to Haq (God)” and attaining the status of “Taslim (total submission).”


11.   The type or condition of illness (be it congenital and genetic, organic function deficiencies, infectious diseases, mechanical defects, old age and fatigue, mental, psychological, psychosomatic, and physical disorders, etc.), or how chronic or acute the case is has got no effect on Faradarmani.


12.  Long-distance connection procedure can be practiced by Faradarmangir throughout the day and night (24/7), as many times as s/he wishes for, with no limit. Also, the timing of starting this cosmic connection is set in local time wherever Faradarmangir lives in the world, which can thus be coordinated with Fara-therapist –who announces the same time table to Cosmic Network.


13.  The result of treatment obtained via long-distance and short-distance procedures are both the same, and has not at all anything to do with Fara-therapist’s ability, competence, talent and etc. (However, some of Faradarmangir/s are more content with short-distance, or close-by Faradarmani procedure. Their mental justification is that Faradarmani from long-distance may be less effective than when performed close-by, which is not a correct interpretation).


14.  When dealing with the following cases, Faradarmani is to be performed  one-sided (unilaterally) which in terms of effectiveness, is no different from two-sided (bilateral) Faradarmani:


        Infants & children

        Patients in coma

        Very aged patients

        Mentally retarded

        Mental-psychological patients

        Special patients such as people with Alzheimer’s dementia who are unable to report




15.  Wherever Faradarmangir is living with local time zone, for sure differs from where Fara-therapist is, timewise. Therefore, Faradarmani Cosmic Connection time-setting announced based on local time desired by the patient. Fara-therapist, on the other hand, to announce this to Cosmic Consciousness Network schedule his/her connection times according to the same time schedule asked by the patient, so no need to convert them to local time.


16.  As far as possible, it is better to practice Faradarmani through the long-distance procedure and without manual touching.  Meanwhile practicing Faradarmani, Fara-therapist had better avoid making the patient eat or drink anything, even water (If necessary, this could be done by the people around Faradarmangir, just to prevent possible suspicions of manipulation).


17.  Practicing as a Fara-therapist does not provoke karma or negative reactions in humans, because it is the Divine Consciousness which engages in that, and not Fara-therapist.


18.  Since the Divine Consciousness itself is taking care of Faradarmani, Fara-therapist has no right to rule out any illness or disease as incurable.


19.  Regarding the fact that Cosmic Consciousness Network comprises of a collective awareness, and that governs the universe – which is neither matter nor energy type. So this phenomenon is not controlled by the dimension of time and space (place), then the treatment is achievable both remotely and near-by.


20. Long-distance or remote connection by Faradarmangir is possible no matter what position s/he is i.e. while sitting, standing and lying down. It could be experienced in any position, stance or direction; and in any stable or mobile position and location (such as on the bus, the plane, in a ship, etc.).


21.  Externalization:

The existing pains and maladies, as well as the file of Faradarmangir (the patient’s) illnesses from the past (either left untreated or incompletely treated), are all reread/scanned and their symptoms –such as pain and its effects, are only simulated. This process is called “Externalization” or stage of discharge. Since this whole process is nothing but a reconstruction of the symptoms (and not the illness itself), it poses no risk to the patient/Faradarmangir (because no hardware intervention has been performed).


Note 6: In Faradarmani, the treatment process continues according to the diagrams presented. In some cases, the treatment is very fast and in some other cases, the positive result appears over time.


In many cases, the symptoms of pain and illness first peak and then begin to reduce, following that the treatment happens. The peak of the symptoms of the disease means the restoration of these symptoms only. Such signs are demonstrated by cellular memory so as to get replaced by healthy cell consciousness (return to its basic task description) after troubleshooting.


22. Since Faradarmani is performed by the Cosmic Consciousness, Fara-therapist is not entitled to attribute anything to him/herself for doing it.


23. As the Divine Consciousness never requires any complement, nothing can be added or supplemented to it under any name or title. This is easily verifiable; since by removing the additional factor, it turns out that Faradarmani connection is still effective and has a positive effect on the healing process of the person. This fact, very well, distinguishes the right from the wrong exposing the heretics and fraudsters (here, no heresy is accepted and any deviation only reveals the person’s mere desire to show-off and showcase him/herself).


24. The truth-seekers should not attempt Faradarmani before receiving the Protective Layer; because they are exposed to the negative conscious radiation of the patient as well as the influence of non-organic beings (the effects of which will appear in the short and long term). After signing the letter of oath, the letter of commitment and studying the regulations & procedures (ethical commitment based on positive and humane application), the Protective Layer is granted to the applicant by the trainer.



  IV.    Reasons for disconnection from the Cosmic Consciousness Network and the Protective Layer

Dear students and trainees, wishing you all the best of luck, you are hereby informed of the reasons for disconnection from the “Cosmic Consciousness Network” and likewise from the Protective Layer, so that all its provisions are carefully considered and possible problems for yourself and others are avoided.


It should be noted that in cases where the Protective Layer and the Cosmic Connection do not get disconnected at the discretion of the Divine Network, it is possible that the person is deprived of receiving Divine Perceptions and the heavenly portion. The reasons are:

A. Every activity that prevents the promotion of the Collective Spirit of the community and troubles the direction and guidance of others towards the Cosmic Consciousness Network, such as:

·        Evading and refraining from providing information and raising awareness about the Cosmic Network to interested individuals and enthusiasts, thus depriving them of being connected to the Cosmic Network like you and use its capabilities.


·        Misinforming and cheating the public (demagoguery) in any way, including that the individual has access to/possessed such abilities through a special relationship and connection with typical individuals (saints and/or the sacred people). This, by itself, frustrates others and disrupts aspiring people from having easy access to these capabilities. Therefore, it is crucial to make them sure that they, too, can easily access and benefit from the Cosmic Network, just like you did.


·        Benefiting from the efficiency and manipulating the Cosmic Network to just show off and bloat one’s ego. This causes misinformation, misguidance, and misleading other intellectually and spiritually, by diverting their attention from the main path and achieving insight and enlightenment (meaning seeing clearly and achieving the deep perception of the universe).

B. Application against the overall benefits of humanity, like:

·        The tendency to utilize the efficiency of the Cosmic Network to spy on and infiltrate in others, like by reading minds, accessing the individual characteristics of other persons so as to misuse them in a way that causes material and spiritual harm to them and is quite the contrary to Divine Justice.


·        Disobeying the general principles like “Treat others as you wish them to treat you” and “Terrestrial affairs follow terrestrial rules.”


·        Deliberate discrimination in providing the Cosmic Network services to others (with respect to safety concerns).

C. Application of the Cosmic Network against its sanctitude, such as:

·        Maintaining doubt, denial, and ingratitude towards the Cosmic Network after achieving a positive result and proving its effectiveness.


·        Concealing one’s findings in this regard (the positive outcomes achieved) that obscure the greatness and glory of the Cosmic Network for others and keep them unaware. Also pretending that the changes taken place have originated from somewhere other than the Cosmic Consciousness Network and the connection through (Divine Consciousness).


·        Any abuse and misuse under the name of the Cosmic Consciousness Network (Erfan-e-Halgheh), the Divine Consciousness, and the like.


·        Prioritizing any name or title (even the saints and infallibles) before and instead of the name of God and His Divine Consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness Network).


Upon realizing that your Protective Layer is disconnected, immediately stop practicing any activity in this regard, and please notify us as soon as possible.


Wishing you divine success


Founder of Erfan-e-Halgheh

Mohammad Ali Taheri


The letter of Oath


I, hereby, and before God, swear to fully and thoroughly obey and comply with the above regulations and procedures, so help me God!



    V.    Funds & Financial Transfers


No exchange of assets, monetary funds, financial or banking transfers is/will be made from Iran to the Taheri Academy bank account in Canada, nor the academy’s Paypal/Stripe account. Taheri Academy holds no financial dealings or transfers with the Islamic Republic of Iran, whatsoever.