Erfan Halgheh



Interuniversalism (Farakolnegari)

About Taheri Academy Online Courses

Established in 2020, Taheri Academy Inc. is the first online educational institute to educate people about Erfan Halgheh, including spirituality, consciousness, Ontology, in order to gain knowledge about the human being and the universe, as well as two complementary medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology founded by theorist and innovationist Mohammad Ali Taheri.

We offer comprehensive courses to help people pursue their enthusiasm in path of transcendence and are introducing Erfan Halgheh as a spiritual school which can help individuals to reach a best understanding about self, and by qualitative interventions assisting human to attain a higher quality of being: well-being, well-thinking, and well-doing.

Erfan Halgheh Basic Comprehensive Intensive Courses

In order to standardize Erfan Halgheh’s teachings and for improvement and clarification of the discussions, introducing new topics, correcting distorted contents, and to prepare the ground for scientific research and conducting experiments on this field, Taheri Academy offers a comprehensive intensive course of Erfan Halgheh in Persian language to present the main theoretical and practical teachings of this spiritual school to the seekers of knowledge, while achieving the above mentioned goals.

The new comprehensive courses of Taheri Academy, includes 42 online courses, and each course has 6 sessions. The whole course takes 21 months to be completed and the classes will be held 3 times a week, totally 9 hours per week. The courses provide spiritual therapy services and education for health, self-knowledge and wellbeing.

In addition, the whole course will be registered at once and it’s arranged the way that anyone from any corner of the world can attend the classes based on their suitable timetable.

Students will receive softcopy of their certificates of Basic Comprehensive Course and Comprehensive Mastery, once they complete the courses.

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Erfan Halgheh Mastery Certificates (Old System)

Taheri Academy offers Mastery Certificate for students who has been graduated under the old system of Erfan Halgheh with other masters. The mastery certificates include: Faradarmani Mastery, Psymentology Mastery, Introduction to Non-organic Beings Mastery, and Erfan Halgheh Mastery; both in English and Persian.

The students will receive their student IDs and the softcopy of the certificates once they register and pay the fee. To receive the hardcopy of the certificates via mail the students should notify Taheri Academy through email and pay the relevant fee (including print and postage).